How social media platform can make you expert at trading

The social media platform plays a vital role in the whole world so now it is also have become important to the Forex market as well. If you consider the social platforms, through it you can develop the trading strategies and use the information in trading for better winning edge. The other traders will improve the status of your trading by commenting on it. In the social trading i.e. by using the social platforms the traders will be able to communicate with the other traders by all the possible ways such as forums, blogs, and more platforms that enable to improve Forex education.  With the social media, the naïve trades will be able to communicate with the professional trader which is the great pathway for the naïve traders because they gain the ability to learn better trading strategies.  Here are certain social platforms to interact the traders.

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Amazing scalping method to trade like the professional trader

The forex market is a huge market and it has many things to offer to the right candidate. If you are relatively new in forex trading then you might have the dream to become a millionaire within a very short period of time. Most of the novice traders in the financial market loses money in forex trading since they consider it as a get rich quick scheme. But to be honest, forex is just like doing any other business where you need to execute your plan very precisely in order to make consistent profit in trading. Now a day’s many people are trading with high lot size due to the high leverage provided by the professional broker. Leverage can act like double edge sword in them market so when you trade with high lot size make sure that you know your current risk exposure level in the market. In this article, we will discuss an amazing scalping strategy which will help you to make consistent profit in the market.

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Positive approach of the professional broker for Muslim traders

Actually, the subject of Islamic trading is quite confusing but you should understand that the Forex market has never treated Islamic Forex as any less. The Forex market has given the equal rights to the Forex traders who are Muslims. Most of the Muslims are not trading the Forex market assuming that it is Haram in Islam but the truth is it is NOT if you trade the market without involving the interest. So now let us discuss the Binary options, the binary trading options are accepted in Islam is it permitted under the sharia law but many of the Muslim traders are not aware of it. So our sole concern is to provide the exposure of the Islamic Forex trading.

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Retracement trading strategy with essential parameters

One of the best Forex trading strategies is the floor traders’ method. The floor trader method is made to capture the continuing trend. Actually, it can be used for swing trading if the currencies are trending positively. The traders should have the thorough knowledge in trading so in order gain the knowledge you should learn it. If you want to trade using one of the best strategies, for instance, the floor traders’ strategy you must learn three important things related to it. We should say that it is concepts of floor traders’ strategies; they are such as retracement, moving averages for trend, and the trading signals for the reversal pattern. Let us learn the retracement concept of floor traders’ strategies in detail.

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Why money management is the most important element in trading

The traders have the tendency to focus on trade entry strategies and trade exit strategies immensely but they do not understand that their main focus should be in money management. The money management is the crucial factor of trading.  Unfortunately, traders do not give enough attention to the money management strategies. It is very important that you make the decent amount of money via profitable orders otherwise; you will not be able to become successful in the Forex market. Fortunately, money management is not hard to study; the simple fact is you should know how much money you risk in a trade. Even if you have the predetermined stop loss, you will be risking an amount for a pip, so there the money management role is being played. To be more specific, it is just about how much you risk in a trade.

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